Folder Size Explorer

List all folder sizes in Windows. Display largest folders and largest files reports. Free up valuable disk space.

Folder Size Explorer

Show Folder Sizes in Windows

Folder Size Explorer

Folder Size explorer alternative will list all folder and files sizes. It can list largest folders and largest files so that you can easily locate the lost space on your computer. It will also display the folder size distribution in neat pie and bar charts for easier viewing.

Display folder sizes of local hard drives (HDD/SSD), external drives or network. Folder sizes in Windows Explorer will be displayed via a context menu. Folder Size explorer calculates folder sizes progressively as you browse them and allows you to see which directories are using up the most disk space.

Folder Size Explorer utility is completely FREE.

Systems: Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Windows Vista / All Windows Server Versions

Size: 4.81 Mb

Main Features

Missing folder sizes in Windows Explorer is a major annoyance, but we have a simple solution for that. Here are the key benefits of using Folder Size Explorer.

Explore Folder Sizes

Folder Sizes in Windows Explorer can be displayed instantly with a context menu item "Scan with Folder Size". The folder scan is extremely optimized and will list folder and file sizes instantly. It will even list files and folders that are otherwise inaccessible in Windows Explorer.

Sort Folder Sizes

Folder sizes are automatically sorted. Largest files and largest folders are instantly revealed for easy disk cleanup. Amount of files in every folder and count of sub-folders is also displayed. Oldest files and folders, newest files and folders and longest paths reports are available too.

Folder Sizes Settings

Explore folder sizes without modifying any settings out of the box. Advanced features for filtering folders, excluding, exporting to XML and CSV. Display the file sizes and folder sizes in Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes or automatically. Command line parameters for automated folders scan.

Folder Sizes Charts

The neat Pie and Bar charts make it extremely easy to explore the file and folder capacities. They provide detailed information for every item and can be used to navigate through folders by clicking on the charts. Export of folder sizes graphs is available.

Search Folders & Files

Simple and efficient search of your files and folders based on text, size, date etc. Filtering of items can be set prior to running a folder analysis as it reduces scan duration. Exclude or include folders and files based on all properties.

Delete, Remove, Locate

Files and folders can be deleted directly from the application. The remove option will de-list the selected items without deleting them from the storage. An option to locate the item in Windows Explorer. Double click a file to view or execute it.

Folder Sizes Exploration

Our tools are almost two decades on the market and are recognized as the best of their kind by more than 20 million users and professionals. Download them now to see why.

  • Show and calculate file and folder size columns in either KB, MB, GB or TB in Windows Explorer
  • Export and save Windows Explorer file and folder lists to a csv and xml files
  • An efficient and simple search of your files and folders based on name, size, date etc.
  • Very fast multi-threaded folder sizing with the ability to skip or cancel any folder on the fly
  • Supports x86 and x64 bit versions of Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 & all versions of Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016
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Folder Size Explorer

Show Folder Sizes in Windows

Simple and free Windows Explorer with folder sizes and more !

Folder Size will list ALL sizes including those of sub-folders and files. Analyze HDD, SSD, external drives, and local network.

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Show Folder Sizes In Windows

Microsoft's Windows Explorer is the core file management application in Windows and is central for the proper functioning of the operating system. One of the features that Windows Explorer is missing though is the ability to display folder sizes. This is a feature that most users need but has never been implemented by Microsoft.

There are many reasons why folder sizes are missing in Explorer. A major one is the performance issue. Displaying folder sizes requires an analysis of all files and folders. If Windows Explorer had to constantly calculate and list folder sizes that would severely impact the overall performance of the system. While it is nice to have this information it is not necessary all the time and sacrificing performance is not justified.

Folder Size provides what Windows Explorer is missing. Complete list of all folder and file sizes together with all the important properties. Beyond just listing the sizes, the tool provides details about the largest folders and files inside a folder and all its sub-folders. Just right-click a folder in Windows Explorer and select "Scan with Folder Size".

Folder tree visualization and sorting by size, name, files count, sub-folders, count, date, and all other major folder attributes make it easy to analyze the data. In addition to that, there are beautiful pie and bar charts that make it easy to spot space hogs. Clicking the chart items will navigate to the corresponding folder or file in the details view.

Automate folder scan by using command line parameters. Save the current folder sizes states in a project file for further analysis or export the data to CSV or XML file. Print folder tree together with folder and file sizes - the easiest way to print folder. Endless options for file and folder analysis.

Download the Folder Size Explorer extension now and reveal where the missing disk space is located. Display every folder size including System Volume Information and backup folders. The most comprehensive folder analysis tool on the Internet!

Easiest Way To Display Folder Sizes !

Windows Explorer context menu to list folder size.

Drag & Drop folders inside Folder Size app to list their sizes. View them as pie or bar charts. Sort them by largest folders and files.

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Are you Still Hesitating?

Our tool is completely free and does not contain any third-party bundles! We release frequent updates and Windows SmartScreen and Chrome may display a warning message until a fair amount of users have downloaded the new version. You can download the file and test it with multiple antivirus applications simultaneously at prior to installing it. We guarantee that it is absolutely safe!

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