Duplicate Songs Finder

Compare audio files by content. Find similar tracks in any audio format. Organize audio libraries that are not marked with ID3 tags.

Duplicate Songs Finder

Find Similar and Duplicate Songs in Any Audio Format

Duplicate Songs Finder

Duplicate Music Finder is a tool that will find duplicate songs or similar audio files in your music collection. Duplicate songs take a lot of disk space and are difficult to locate and remove manually. Things get worse if they are stored in different audio formats and not marked with ID3 tags as no common duplicate finder can recognize them.

Duplicate Music Finder will "Listen" to your audio collection in order to identify twin songs or variations of the same audio file. It can search through various file types including MP3, MP2, MP1, MPA, WAV, OGG, AIFF, AAC, MP4, FLAC, AC3, WavPack (WV), Musepack (MPC) and Windows Media Audio (WMA), iTunes, iPods, etc.

Systems: Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Windows Vista / All Windows Server Versions

Size: 7.63 Mb

Main Features

Having more twin removal options makes the task of removing unnecessary equal files much easier. Removing duplex data in your archives will save gigabytes of disk space and will improve the performance of your system by reducing the count of unused files.

Identify Similar Songs

Duplicate Music Finder will "Listen" to the songs in order to find similarities. It uses advanced audio matching algorithms and will compare similar music as a real person would do. That is why it can identify even remixes of the same song that are alike.

Fast Audio Search

Precision in identifying equivalent tunes is not enough. The only limit for Duplicate Audio Finder is the performance of your storage or network. It is extremely fast and can easily scan terabytes of audio and millions of songs.

Songs Comparison Settings

Default settings will let novice users find duplicated songs out of the box, while a professional can tweak all aspects of the duplicate music search. Anything from duples sort to filtering the same records is available.

Cloned Songs Selection

Multiple automatic song selection options are available. Duplicate Music Finder will keep the audio files with the best quality by default. You can select music files based on size, type, location, name, ID3 Tags or any other property.

Search & Compare Audio

Scan computer, drive, network or external storage for replicated tunes. Compare folders or entire drives for clones. Set "source" folders to keep the songs inside. Options to exclude folders or audio types from the scan.

Move, Delete, Copy

Delete to Recycle Bin or delete permanently. All options for getting rid of the repeating songs are supported. Move or Copy to a backup folder or drive. An option to recreate the source audio folder structure in the target library.

Duplicate Songs Finder Advantages

Multiple scan modes for finding similar and duplicate songs. You can find similar songs by audio similarity and also songs with similar ID3 title, album or artist. Organize your audio files easily.

Similar Songs Search Modes

  • Audio Compare - Find Similar Songs in Any Audio Format
  • 100% Identical Files - Find Exact Duplicate Songs
  • ID3 Title - Find Songs With Similar Names
  • ID3 Artist - Find Songs From the Same Artist
  • ID3 Album - Search All Songs From the Same Album

Extra Features for Finding Repeating Songs

  • Precise Audio Analysis - Find similar and duplicated songs
  • Fast Dupe Songs Detection - Scan large drives and networks
  • Remove iTunes Duplicates - Scan any audio library
  • Automatic Duplicate Selection - Select files by various properties
  • Duplicate Scan Filters - Choose the audio formats to search
  • Integrated Audio Preview - Hear duplicate songs
  • Audio Database - Cache results for lightning fast scans.
Duplicate Songs Finder
Duplicate Songs Finder

Delete Duplicate Songs

Find replicated music files in any format - true audio analysis !

Duplicate Music Finder is the only tool that you will ever need to get rid of repeating songs. Mirror files eat up your hard drive space and slow down your system. Scan ANY audio format, ANY count of files, and ANY storage size! Our tools are limited only by the available resources in your system.

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Finding Duplicate Songs

Music libraries grow large over time. If you have been collecting audio files for years odds that you have duplicate music in your music library are very high. Repeating songs in the playlist is not only annoying but also wastes valuable disk space and reduces your device's performance.

With Duplicate Music Finder ridding your library of duplicate tracks is a pretty painless process. iTunes, computers, folders, external drives or even network or NAS drives are no issue for our tools. Anything that contains music files can be scanned. Multiple copies of the same songs that you simply do not need can be easily removed.

Why not just use any duplicate finder to solve the issues with duplicate songs?

While it may not be obvious a standard duplicate finder compares "file data" a dedicated duplicates songs finder decodes the file data and compares the audio that is stored in it. Where is the difference then? Well, the same song stored in different file formats has completely different file data and will be left undetected by ALL standard clone cleaners.

How to choose a good duplicate songs remover?

It is pretty simple - just convert a song to a different file format or use a remix of the same song. Make sure to delete all ID3 tags and rename the files like 1.mp3, 2.aiff, 3.wmv. Point the folder in your dupe audio remover and if it is able to identify the file then you can be sure that it analyzes the audio contained inside. If it fails then you should look for a better alternative like the tools that we provide.

There are many music scan modes in Duplicate Music Finder. It performs real audio analysis and does not rely on any tags but it can also compare music ID tags, such as Song Title, Artist name, Album name, Year and Genre. Not all audio files have these tags, but our dupe remover will be able to find all your duplicate songs regardless of that.

Download and organize your audio library in just few clicks. You will never need to listen to the same track over and over again. You will save disk space and improve the performance of your computer. The more files you have the slower your system will run. Tidy up both your music collection and storage devices.

The Best Duplicate Songs Cleaner !

Find related songs with reverse audio search! Search by a sample song.

Duplicate Music Finder is the most advanced similar songs cleaner for Windows. Put an end to the disorganized audio collections, albums and playlists.

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Supported Audio File Formats

These are just some of the common audio formats that are supported.

Are you Still Hesitating?

Our tools do not contain any third-party bundles! We release frequent updates and Windows SmartScreen and Chrome may display a warning message until a fair amount of users have downloaded the new version. You can download the file and test it with multiple antivirus applications simultaneously at virustotal.com prior to installing it. We guarantee that it is absolutely safe!

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