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Duplicate Finder

Duplicate File Finder

Find Duplicate and Similar Documents

Find similar and duplicate files, archives, and documents. Fast and precise byte-to-byte comparison - never delete the wrong files. Internal preview for documents, photos, music, and video files. Scan computer, network and external drives.

Duplicate Photo Finder

Duplicate Photo Finder

Find Similar Images - Delete Duplicate Photos

Never miss a duplicate photo - find duplicate images in more than 300 image formats including RAW and PSD. Find similar images in any format. Search for similar photos by sample. Compare folders for duplicates.

Duplicate Songs Finder

Duplicate Songs Finder

Find Similar And Duplicate Songs

Duplicate Songs Finder performs true audio analysis and can find similar songs even if they are not tagged with ID3 tags. Organizing songs with our duplicate mp3 finder is a breeze. It can find remixes of the same song stored in different audio formats.

Folder Size Explorer

Folder Size Explorer

Show Folder Sizes in Windows

Folder Size is not a duplicate finder, but lists all the file and folder sizes on your computer or network. It can free up gigabytes of disk space in just few minutes. Reveals largest files and folders and displays disk usage in pie and bar charts.

Duplicate Finder Benefits

Finding duplicate files will save disk space and improve the performance of your system by reducing the number of unnecessary files! We provide a selection of the TOP 3 Duplicate Finders on the market. They are developed for more that 20 years and are the #1 choice of many IT specialists.
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Free Updates & Support

Our tools are bug-free, but we are always here to help. We have provided many tutorials and detailed help files.

Rich Features

Developed for more than two decades, our tools include everything that you will ever need. If you miss a feature - let us know. We will be glad to implement it..

Highly Reliable

Many tools provide incorrect results and may delete important files that are not duplicates. Don't trust your valuable data to amateur applications.

Extremely Fast

Scanning millions of files for duplicates can take days with a poor application. Accuracy and performance are key factors in our tools. Fastest duplicate finders on the market.

Move, Delete, Copy

Delete duplicates permanently or delete them to the Recycle Bin. Move, Copy them to a backup drive or folder if necessary. Replace duplicates with symlinks.

Compare & Search

Search computer, drive or network for duplicates. Compare multiple folders or drives. Set "source" folders to preserve their content.

The Best Duplicate File Finders

Fast, precise, reliable, easy, and feature-rich! The #1 choice of millions of users and IT specialists !

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Why Choose Us?

Finding duplicate files is an important task but would you assign it to a an unknown amateur application? Loosing data is not a good idea, that is why we provide a selection of the TOP 3 Duplicate Finders on the market. They are developed for more that 20 years and are the #1 choice of many IT specialists.

  • Precise Duplicate Detection - never delete the wrong files.
  • Fast Performance - Scan large drives and networks.
  • Automatic Duplicate Selection - Select files by various properties.
  • Duplicate Scan Filters - Choose the file types to search.
  • Protection For System Files And Folder - Enabled by default.
Find Duplicate Photos
Find Duplicate Files

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How To Find Duplicate Files ?

Step-by-step instructions

A duplicate finder scans all the designated locations for files and compares their content. Many duplicate finders on the market use checksums like CRC or MD5 to compare files as it is faster. While this improves performance it often produces incorrect results and may list completely different files as duplicates.

Best algorithm for scanning duplicate files is byte-to-byte comparison. This means that every byte from the file is compared with the corresponding byte from the other. While byte-to-byte comparison produces 100 % accurate results it is the slowest of all scan methods.

Our duplicate finder uses an optimized version of the byte-to-byte comparison which provides extremely fast duplicate scan while guaranteeing that the files are 100% equal. Every optimization or modification to our algorithms is thoroughly tested. Our tools will never list false positives - incorrect results.

P.S. Duplicate files are also known as repeated, dupe, same, double files, identical or file copy/copies and considered as unnecessary, unwanted, unused, redundant and junk files useless for purpose. The process of removing duplicates is called deduplicate, dedupe, deduplication. Clone remover will easily help you find and delete duplicate files.

Duplicate Finder | Duplicate Photo Finder | Duplicate Songs Finder

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